Children want to move around, ideally in the open air!

There are more than 40 playgrounds and playing fields in Reinbek. The biggest one is the playing fields in Eggerskoppel in Neuschönningstedt, where you can have a kick around in an area of 13,000 square metres. There is also a skateboard centre in Neuschönningstedt, with half pipes and other challenges for brave skateboarders.

There are also playgrounds in every district in Reinbek, with a range of different play equipment for all ages. All playgrounds are open all day. The school play areas can be also be used for play outside school hours until 19.00. They are definitely worth a visit, particularly at the weekend and in the holidays.

Sadly, dogs are not allowed!

You can find the online version of the City of Reinbek children’s map, showing all the playgrounds, here:

Reinbek city children’s map

Children’s map Schönningstedt, Neuschönningstedt, Ohe and Krabbenkamp

You can also get a paper copy of the city children’s map in the office of the Reinbek City Children’s Officer, Ulrich Gerwe.

Telephone: 040 / 727 50 260.

E-Mail: bildung@reinbek.landsh.de

You can review the playgrounds in Reinbek at the following link: Spielplatznet